Tha O​.​A B4 Tha O​.​A.

by Ballistic

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released October 8, 2012



all rights reserved


Ballistic Tampa, Florida

Ballistic grew up in Cental Texas before making his ways to New Orleans, Louisiana. Through the hard times he faced in the streets, he learned Life is not always what it seems. God grabbed a hold of him in the last months of 2005 and he hasn't been the same since. He learned through his transformation One Must die to live. Out Of Death Comes Life. DeathByDesign ... more

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Track Name: Intro
Things Happen for A Reason
Im still Living in those Reasons tho
I seen This Season Coming for A Long time
Its Finally Here

So Make A Move (Make A Move) This Is how I'm living
Move with Precision, finally released from Prison
That Mental One, So take Precaution Son
Is What they told me, I continue rollin
Its time for action, so no moving slow
Selective with the Hit, So I Pick and Roll
Choosy with the friends that are close to me
Because when your not , you could wind up Six feet deep
Welcome to the Jungle, where there's Guns and Roses
People in the Hustle, Some Real, Some Posers
Others, Posters, Humans are full of Idols
Careless about the people and care more if you recycle
Lifeless Humans, I walk around, checking vitals
Even when the hate comes, no chance in taking rivals
No Recital, This is the game of Life
Where winning and losing equals, you can die tonight
This is the time, I was born to live in
with accurate vision avoiding all suspicions
Im Doing Real, That Means Im Fine
Got a lot off my chest, With Every line
Don't get it twisted, Im alive and well
Im doing better than the shadow, of my former self
living better than the shadow of a former hell
Grinding harder, cause the option is never fail

This Is Ballistic
On This Side We Doing Real
In Life we Have so many things to go through
That means We go through
This Is Light on the other side of the tunnel
Will You make it
We will all find out when we die
Track Name: Hear Me Now Feat. T-Era

Used To Say One day, we make, it out of this Mess
With, Pain off my Chest, And My Mind off Stress
(Do You Hear Me Now, Hear Me Now) 2x Do You Hear Me?)
(Pause) Painted Scenes, of the, things I use to, dream
(Are Now), Living Vivid, In front of Me
(Oh, You Hear Me Now, Hear Me Now) 2x I Know Ya Hear Me

Verse 1

1 Daily grind, dont mind, cause the struggle raised me
2 O G, O G, How I learned my A B Cs
3 said days, would get better, most said whatever
4 Now they playing catch up, reaching for the lever
5 Nothing is forever, especially on the letter
6 Cant buckle under pressure, or, what the world tells, ya
7 Viewed myself as a failure, until the change in weather
8 (Pause) Follow or lead, be the trend, or the setter
9 Sophisticated with notion, on my 9 Potion
10 Constantly in motion, Like Pac, Picture me rollin
11 Different in my view, same in the news
12 Respect to the rest and the rest, go get a clue
13 My mindset is death by design,
14 die like I wanna live, live Like I wanna die
15 In Situations Do or die, I can touch the sky
16 Keep my grind to the streetz and my face, toward the prize

Verse 2

1 Its never how, you lived, its how you living
2 When Souls in remission, facing fire like the kitchen
3 Attitude on the range, Red mark like its Target
4 Hungry for a change like a kid who is starving
5 Ate Black eyed peas , so lets get it started
6 Hatarz in my rearview, As I blaze through the Market
7 The realist, shine often, on the block stay crossing
8 (Pause) Mentality is grind, til I see a coffin
9 Ride, cause we flossin, big body, tossin
10 from the 504, To Down,town Austin
11 Central On My Mental, With a pad and a pencil
12 Sketching hatarz out like I have a hatar stencil
13 Credentials, Is Deathby design
14 die like I wanna Liive, Live like I wanna die
15 In situation Do or die, I Can touch the sky
16 Keep My grind to the streets and my eyez toward the prize
Track Name: Everywhere I Go Feat. Benji

Every,where, I, Go... Its the/ Same OHH....(Same Ohh) 4X
(Its The Same O)

Verse 1

Moms and No Pops , Kids and Cops Shot
Extremes of Things Seen, Same Spots, Different blocks
Cold World to say the least, Where to find peace
Homeless on the streets, no one cares to speak
No one hopes for trouble, no problem is unique
All problems are solved tha same, no matter how deep
Ive resisted and petitioned, not for the attention
Resisted the resistance and challenged our existence
Theres gotta be something better, than what I see now
From what Ive seen ( What I’ve Seen ) It all falls down
Nothing New, on this plain, but pleasure and pain
Our biggest goal is, to get a little change
What’s funny its the same o, we searching for the same goals
same roads, i guess that’s how the same goes
Same love , same hate , same place, one day
the same thing, different day, will go away

Verse 2

We all lived through the chaos, I was, raised by my mama
No father figure, so I figured this is drama
Never, believed in Karma, this world still harms us
Cross on my back, hooked like a harness
Most never reach out, so we viewed, like we armless
Target On Our back, Cause We ride through hardest
Streets and lo cal, we keep a low profile
Been on the block since I was young male child
And Im On, To the ways of the hood and rich folk
no different in the two, both on grind for c notes
And We C Folks, down here struggling
then we judge, why they keep hustling
WE all want a better way, to maintain
When we're born, we don't decide, where we at, on the food chain
We keep living, thats the way we gotta, do thangs
keep, living until, the sea,sons change
Track Name: Reason4Rhyme
Verse 1

Closing the final curtain, one thing that for certain
No rehearse with my verses, reversing on this circus
go all rounds in my circuit, been at it like a surplus
closer to my purpose, haters like you, worthless
Shoes I’m on is Cadillac, Piece and chain, with a shirt to match
I’m a light em it up like I Lit a match, never been the type to hold back
When I roll back, like Wal-Mart, Tell you tha truth, I’m all heart
Need no fame, one deep in the game, since I’ve been, on start
Money over nothing, money don’t buy, you happiness because, the more you get,
the more some insist, you owe them it, or assume, they should benefit uhhh
auto Tune em out, like Tpain, change my name, again, like 2chainz
walk around the yard, wit 2 Chains, always going long like two lanes (pause)
on the interstate, in an inner state of mind, never mind the minds that, stay behind
who decline to ride or die for a better state of life
sit back, recline, rewind, when everything. was fine
in a time, where I can remember, the reason, for rhyme

(is it rhyme and reason, Gotta move in this moment
Glimpse, of this season, Better grab it and own it) 2x
(Im a be where I gotta be, til I R I P
Til I R I P
Til I Rest In Peace) 2x

Back On tha Block Like One Time ,One TIme, Never Lose tha grind
Rep For the City and Mankind ,One Heart, One Mind
Stay On Gone Like, the Party say, Mind on my hustle, and you in the way
better move on cuz Im Here to stay, Hear No Evil What did you say
(Pause) I Know they Never saw me coming,
Everyday that we get it, we gon get for those running
(Pause) And I know I'm Sensing fear,
Questions being asked on my behalf How did I wind up here
Straight to the point like a knife blade, gambled life like a dice game
Game On Since I Got saved, Mafia Mode, Got Made
New Life, But the Same Road, and the Same Games and the Same Goals
And The Same Foes, and The Same Names The Only Change is the Changed Soul
Still On My Grizzle, potential Notes taken by mental memo
The rest are left in a (state)(Stutter word) of limbo
sit back, recline, rewind, when everything. was fine
in a time, where I can remember, the reason, for rhyme
Track Name: City Lights Feat. Brianna Crabtree

Ci...., ty.... , Lights........
Has, A, Hold..... On.. Me...........
Ever..ry....., Time.........
I Close... My..... Eyes.......
(I Take in, this, Moment in Time)Pause 2x
(Underneath these City Lights)2x
I Take In, This, Moment in Time

Verse 1

Fast living, time limit
In a rush, on the move, tryna get it
What happened to, the times, we cherished
To laugh, cry, and be embarrassed
So emotion, ally... shut.... down...
Somehow forgot, to look, around...
Same thang, different day, won’t... do...
Some things never change, but not... you...
I remember, we, would... blaze, the sunset
But times change, it’s so easy, to, forget
The times, good, bad, and ugly
(Pause) all the days have, a way, to seem, lovely
In, its, own, Point of, view.....
Every day, is like, me and, you.....
I take in this, Mo,ment in time
Underneath these City Lights....

Verse 2

I’m taking in, mem,or,ies
Like a river runs in the ocean
All we had a chance to see
Waves of life, different currents of motion
Grade school, was ABCs
Middles School, was PDA
High School, was OMG
Nowadays Are We O K
Can’t forget the summers to
Many tough lessons I’ve been through
Wouldn’t change my life, if I could
Couldn’t be me..., if, I, would...
I keep on.... cause the days get brighter....
City Lights, spark, the, flame, like, a, lighter...
I Light up, Breathe in and exhale
I keep living until, my lungs fail
Track Name: Beaming Like Headlights

Won’t let go, I Grip tight
I’m On Point, Got my head right
(I’m Beaming like, Headlights) 4x
On tha straight and Narrow, Out of Sight
New Beginnings, New Life
(I’m Beaming like Headlights) 4x

Verse 1

All In My grill Like, Missy, Some thinking, they gon, get me
On New Wine, And Im Tipsy, Standing Tall like I'm 10 feet
Waving Bye to these, suckas
We out in the open, sun soaking, approaching, under-covers
High, Beams, On, thats the way we shine
Stay , In, Motion, Get On Ya Grind
Weather Changes Under, City Lights, that are Beaming
Said I might not come, but people, are fueling my reasons
(Here I am, Standing for Life
Who we are, Soldiers of Light
Don't get it twisted, Me and my dogs been here for a minute
Dying to live was the incentive to go out and get it)2x

Verse 2

On point, and grip,ping,Living water, big Sipping
Spitting out the crucifixion, in a dialect encryption
Word, People Please, Real People,don't speak
Be about they bizness, and Practice what they preach
Ya heard, If not, put this on repeat
I'll put the fakes on blast, til I can't speak
the City on a Hill, was a figure of Speech
Beaming like Headlights is Shining So Some Can See
(Here I am, Standing for Life
Who we are, Soldiers of Light
Don't get it twisted, Me and my dogs been here for a minute
Dying to live was the incentive to go out and get it)2x
Track Name: In Vain Feat. Dom

There is nowhere, I can be safe
From the Cradle 2, the Grave, I’m a Maintain
I’m a keep it moving, I know It sounds Insane
I rather die real, then keep living In vain

Verse 1

1 Simi,lar con,vo, on point, like ron,do
2 Figured out which way to go, so never, mind those
3 Aggravated, moments, I did it, so I owned it
4 Some liked it, so they cloned it, out here, so I’m roaming
5 The streets,
Compliments of the struggle
6 Thank yous from the hustle, Goodbyes from the trouble
7 It’s on me,
8 What was I thinking, (I’m running) 2x I’m running
I’m On E, uh
9 Empty of myself, do I know me well,
10 (Pause) Came out alive, out this living hell
11 Some said it can’t be done, and what if I fail,
12 No matter what, I’m dying, as an, empty shell
13 No regrets, I Maintain,
14 No love lost for the ones who caused pain
15 I was born dead in sin, since my birthday
16 I’m ready to die, but the world, can’t take me

Verse 2

1 My life is not my own, we live for other people
2 realization of this truth, is something lethal
3 ask yourself why you live, is it something selfish
4 We embellish our lives to disguise the pride
5 Not pointing fingers, at, anyone but me
6 But I believe we share in a dream we can’t see
7 Not a rapper or an artist, I’m a voice, in the wilderness
8 I die daily, So you can say I lost my will to live
9 I can’t just exist, I refuse to believe the norm
10 I’ll find myself in the midst of the perfect storm
11 Before I’m gone, or maybe, it’s when I die
Sing Rap
12 one way or another I’ll deny all of these lies
13 and all of my ties, to a crooked system
14 that creates victims from a perverse, jurisdiction
15 There is no where I can be safe
16 from the cradle to the grave, I’m a maintain
Track Name: BestFriend Feat. MeMe, T-Era
Always There till the end.....,Best friend.....
Paper to My Pen..... Best Friend
It Begins where it ends... Best friend
Best Friend.....
Your My Best friend 4x
Best Friend (2x)

Verse 1
I'm on my 9 potion, steady while we coasting
(pause) between you and me, (Pause) no, wasting emotions
We both heard about the notions, on sky high, we floating
Walks in the sun, So I guess, (Pause) we sun soaking
Yours eyes were equally provoking, as the rest of you
(Pause) I guess that’s why, (Pause) the rest wouldn’t do
Talks in the moonlight, only if the mood, was right
and if the mood, was right, we would, talk all night
fuss and fight, and argue because, that’s what friends do
nothing can truly come, between me and you
Thinking back on our conversations, and contemplations
It all came down to this realization, you’re my best friend

Verse 2

Im Here if you tired lady
What's Going On, Life gots us going crazy
Even Through, the thick and thin
This love gots us going, going again
Most... times I tell em, Thats the way we got it
Even with problems, got to deal with them honest
Cuz you've down with me, and Im down with you
And What Matters to me, Matters to you
life is, Wow It Seems,the Smiles it brings
We've had our share of valleys, broken dreams
So amazing, what life can bring
So Amazing, What Life Can bring
Track Name: Never Imagined Feat. Brianna Crabtree

I Never Said, Life, Would, Be, Easy.....
Ne,ver Ima,gined, Life, Would, Be, Hard.....
Every Moment I’m Awake, I Can’t Take for Granted
The Light the Light, the Light from the Dark

Verse 1
Once upon a time line, I recall, winter's, gaze,
Like November, cold December all around my yearly days
No love, no recourse, associated, with a plague
Paycheck to paycheck surviving, on minimum wage
No beauty in the form, lost in the lifestyle
Existence for a while now, a wild child
Sentenced Guilty, unless, proven innocent
In a since, I was guilty unless given death
Another Dead Man Walking, that’s the way I’m feeling
Wreckless Living, no power in my steering
No Hours left for hearing, staring at a closing ceiling
This world's not, so appealing, after my, worldly dealings
I was afraid to die, Now, I’m waiting to
Life is a mirror, only reflecting you
I Never Imagined, I would live from a broken Heart
I can finally see, see the Light, from the dark

Verse 2

I’ve lost so little and gained so much
I’ve lost who I am, and Regained who I was
Really meant to be, was I meant to see
The fall of man, the death of me
No one’s hopes for pain, and lives for misery
But both find away to stay, such a mystery
Was I being foolish, thinking that I knew this Life,
Or was I useless, remembering whispered rumors
Of my failures, and short comings
The inner enemy screaming, you will never be nothing
Was it me, in my deprivation
Who lost all sensations to, suffocation
And many relations due to, my frustrations
Of never arising, from this current, generation
I Never Imagined, I would live from a broken Heart
I can finally see, see the Light, from the dark
Track Name: Fantasy Feat. Benji & MeMe
Do You Love Me
Is This Love True
DO you LOVE Me
Like I Love You (5x)

Verse 1
1 Met this girl named Fantasy, she said she was a fan of me
2 of mine, caught my ear, so I, gave her, some time
3 She said, I was the, coolest thing, since sliced bread...
4 different thoughts, birthed in my head
5 or mind, caught my ear, so I gave her some, more time
6 and the more time, led to more, lines as we, passed time
7 Had chills up my spine, as I, rewinded
8 our time, Together, for worst, or for better,
9 She said I like your smile and your personality
10 I acted hard, and replied, you're not that bad to me
11 To keep it interesting, she suggested, we visit,
12 different places, Cant lie, I was, easily persuaded
13 Never knew someone, could become, undone, with only words
14 But my undoing was mine and not hers
15 Never seen such, lies and deceit
16 until that, first meeting of, fantasy and me

Verse 2

1 Imagination, was her choice, ingredient
2 something wasn't right, but I kept, feeding in
3 I asked her has she ever loved, her reply was yes
4 Not sure of my feelings, I began to second guess
5 What was love, and all of the above
6 She laughed and I smiled but I was undone
7 She continued our love, was only lust
8 With a look of disgust, her eyes, pierced, who I was
9 No believing what I heard, I asked again
10 She continued, I like to confuse many men
11 What they thought was real was fake
12 And what was theirs I take
13 Like their dignity, self worth, and time
14 Including their jobs, money, and lives
15 and My ears couldn’t believe my eyes
16 I had fallen victim, to the pride of life, (I was) consumed in the lie iaahhh


I Confess the regret, but still can’t connect
how I had fallen victim to this lifestyle (Lifestyle)
Its Even Harder to admit but I need to get a grip
on this life like Right Now (Right Now) 2x

Verse 3

Lesson learned , another one burned
the world continues to turn, under the sun
Life goes on, learning from my mistakes
discerning false desires and feelings misplaced
Defined by a culture only leads to vultures
You can't say, Someone Never told ya
Abused by the physical attraction has me reacting
to, a different way to live, a different point of view
Track Name: Its Who We Are Feat. Dom
(It’s Who We Are) 2x that Makes us, that breaks us
(It’s who you are)2x That Loves us and Saves us
(It’s Who We Are) 2x We Are Saved By Grace
(It’s Who You Are) 2x that Can forever Save

Verse 1
Never thought I’d see the day, that I wanna see
I’m Doing Real, Can’t be, a wanna be
Love heals, I’m where, I wanna be
Soul ties run deep, I wanna leave
Grind All day and Night, I wanna sleep
Both Real and fake friends, who to keep
Gotta determine the goats, from the sheep
I’m only sowing what, forever reaped
I’m only showing what, forever means
Gotta get it everyday, Life, plays for keeps
We Saved by Grace, so, you know the team
We‘ve gone, through night,mares, crazy dreams
Never thought true life, could be for me
This part of life, was seldom scene
In this walk, the more I de,crease
The more I find, who, you are, in me

Verse 2

Known around the block, Either Sink or Swim
Gotta Keep pushing, Im a push times 10
Reaching my goals cause they cant goal tend
This is real life, never played pre,tend
Nevertheless, Some wanna, stop this shine
Studio Gangsta don't wanna cross this line
Clocking for time, never push rewind
staying in motion, Im keep my grind
Here You can find, People Hooked to the vine
Better Get Yours, Cause Im a get mine
Make Us Or Break Us, We ready At all times
Love Us and Save Us, Everyday for my mind
Legit if you find, the shine that we grind
Staying In Motion, Cause its our time
Living this life, Never lookbehind
Its who you are that always defines Who we are
Track Name: Notify Tha Public
Some sell (Some Sell) Their Souls(Their Souls)
I Sense (I sense) No remorse (No Remorse)
Been Down (Been Down) This Road (This Road)
People Play (People Play) (Their Roles) 4x

Verse 1
No,ti,fy the Public, still running the republic
Some never saw this coming, like Osama in His Cubby
Lil push for the shoven, smelling fear from 11
Out the dozen, sticking to the subject, hate me or love me
Not the type to back down, no matter who’s around
Fear runs the streets, no matter what town
Wont, beat around the bush, freedom was took
Many misled, the other half mis understood
Some occupy in silence, we, occupy in violence
Released from the tyrants, the so called giants
Tired of the fake communistic democracy
It all ends, in prophecy, not probably

Verse 2

Never been against freedom, freedom of speech
But what happens when speech fails, who is left to be free
Propaganda got em consumed and high off the fumes
Not the type, to, accept, shackles, in perfume
Can’t assume it will get better, before it gets worst
Our biggest problem, is to notice, the problem first
What worked in the, past was designed for the past
MLK Dreaming, cadence, to free at last
Its way more than racism and social classes
It’s separating the legitimate, from the bastards
I apologized before, so no apology after
Only One prize and mark, I’m, aiming to capture

(I Know alot, of opinions, will get offended by this
Put my trust, in the one, who is, gone with the wind
If they, murder us, will it, guarantee they win?
We either, die to the flesh, or get, murdered, by sin
Been through alot, of life, on a road that’s dim
It’s not, how you start, its how, you, finish, the End) 2x
Track Name: On Your Block feat. J.Hurst
On Your Block, On Your Block, With A Cross, With A Cross
You Know What It Is

Ballistic Verse

Back on my Block, Serious, Hater like You, Con Spic U ous
On That Mode Fast, Furious, Asked them all, You hearing Us
We came in trust, in a narrow rush, We can't be touched, cuz what we clutch
And What we clutch, is dangerous, We aim to bust, can't discuss,
What We On, Is Set In Stone, When Im On the Road, About To blow
Left the Cross Road, With A CrossBow, To Cross Foes, On the Road Show
On My Way Home, While Im In My Zone, Doing Real, Im In My Mode
Real, appeals, to the real, I feel, othe,r wise, lips stay sealed
From Central Texas, Cross Infected, minds corrected, bills collected
get the message, what we stressin, cross protection, thru intersections
No Competition, pay attention, to vision and the life Im Living
The way Im Spitting, And How Im getting, more precision, on .com mission
With deadly aim, we proclaim a name that saves, from the chains
We maintain thru the fire rain, no more tears, no more pain
On my block like the realist, cross connection like a chemist
straight go getter on the business, gotta go make em feel it
Track Name: First Time For Everything Feat. Elesse Dudding & Stephanie Castanza
FIrst Time For Everything

Verse 1

1 First time Im feeling broken
open but death, couldn't break me
2 First time Im filled with hope In
While friends left me, for saken
3 Arms spread wide like crucifixion
I die to my former living
4 my life before was a prison
Was Taught to only get it
5 By any means, Necessary
Thats what truth was
6 Never the type to be scary
until it came to love
7 Picture The Struggle in Puzzles
No where left to go
8 Reality Meant
I could die fast or slow
9 My time to go?,
questions I never thought
10 And My Soul?
Answers I Never Sought
11 A Better Place?
Glimpes I never Caught
12 Could I Love?
My current state, was all my fault
13 Where to start, I need to take
14 My first steps, before I break
15 no mistakes, Im falling this time
16 First time for everything, everything in this life, Right?

Verse 2

Im Letting It All Go, Im Letting It Slip Away
Seen to many tears and fears, of people who fade and disappear
and Did they get the message, did they hear me clear
Did they really know where their souls go when they're, leaving here
Every day is a hustle, The hustle is to live and breathe
in A system of defeat, the only answer is retreat
but i wont retreat, I wont repeat,
I wont rest until I see Victory or 6 Feet deep
None the less, some wanna cause me stress, Try to put me down but I beat my chest
I confess thru the mess I'll pass the test, even if I have nothing left
Sometimes we complain when the times are hard,Sometimes we forget to reach out to GOD
Im a go in dog from the jump and the start, Im a live life if It breaks us apart
(Most better get, real with yourselves, There is, a heaven and hell
I Fall on the rock, fall out myself, Look to the Lord, he's my help) 2x
Track Name: See What U See Feat MeMe

Will I EVER See the Good in ME
Will I Ever See What You SEE
Will I Ever, See, What You See In Me

Verse 1

My life is_ Ashes to Ashes, and dust 2 dust
(Pause) thinking again, has my mind, in a rush
Thoughts of me...., reflect, different, thoughts I Guess
Things pursued and left, bittersweet regret
Neversaid I was perfect, but, I, know, what, most, are thinking
Either hes drowning or swimming, never thought I'd, be sinking
I’m not immune to persecution or temptations perfume
I begin to slip, like the rest, when I begin to assume
Otherwise, I’m not that type of guy, who would, openly lie
I’ve ate my fairshare, of humble pie
Despite the fight, that, con tinues inside
I've, tried, to, ask, for help, but pride, hinders, my reply
(I realize, I’m in need of, a different view
I can’t resume, the life, I Knew, once upon a time)2x

Verse 2

Ambition, is killing me softly, like the fugees
No refuge for the underlining rules, that rule me
Painted with blood, washed with fears
Drowning myself, with struggle and, drinking all my tears
Not to mention the hatred, from, all my peers
Has me hoping for a life, outta here
I want a different zone, and mind state
My mind states, I can’t deal with fake
So much for people pleasing because people bleeding
People need something that’s,thats truly leading
Them, to a better state of life (pause) Better state of life
Can we all survive the night, Survive The Night
Can we live as the light, Can we live as the light
When everything doesn’t seem right
Will I Ever see, What you've done for me
Will I ever see, What you see in me
Track Name: The Inner Enemy Feat. Rebirth & Dom

So many impressions, about life and, what to know
Asking these questions, but the answer, was, always, Know
Getting that Money, Trying to make, that Cash Flow
The Inner Enemy's Killing Me and It's Got to Go
(He's Got to Go 2x
The Inner Enemy's Killing Me and It's Got to Go)2x


1. Remember these days, like the back of my hand
My, Everyday's broke, like A Back Up plan
Colder days come, Everyday Understand
Momma Said Take A Stand, Grow Up, be a man
Once upon a time in a cold existence, pain was passion, fueling my vision
Lost in transition, No One to Listen, but my, heathen condition
Head in the Clouds, Mind full of doubts
Everything Sounds Good when its words from the Mouth
Heart of the South and the Art of the Sound, In a paradox, the place I'm found
lied to myself that I'm A O K
I pray memories fade away
Life's Gone in A Blaze
All thats left Still Remains
9. fortune and fame , isn't my aim
10. dying, daily, fading, equating all my pain
11. No Pain, No Gain, All That Remains
12. dead flesh laid to rest, walking, covered, by blood stains
13. Still alive,
but Im Running with passion,
with a message
reaching the masses
14. Never slipping
Gripping hard fastened
Learned my lessons
from all that happened
15. Realized, the truth
in a cold reaction, never planned it, satisfaction granted,
16. just one on the planet, scarred and bandaged, Gotta Live it everyday, Just to manage